1. Canadian government threatens bird watchers for writing concerned letter about bee die-off


    Dave writes, “A birdwatching group sent a letter to two federal cabinet ministers citing concerns over the effects of certain chemicals on the life of bees. Shortly thereafter, they received a threatening letter from Revenue Canada telling them to stop with the political actions.”

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  2. r-i-p-alice:

    Only 6 more days to found our documentary about the vultures of India, the parsi of Mumbai and how they are connected - help us to found our documentary: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/documentary-requiem-for-a-bird


  3. literal translation German - English

    der innere Schweinehund - the inner pigdog

    the lazy part of you that invented procrastination and hates, hates, hates activity.

  4. One of the best feelings in the last few weeks. Empty Inbox.

  6. Nan June paik - participation tv

  7. Other people’s paradigms.

  8. Just berlin things…


  9. cyt-music:

    Im going to be performing at a benefit show for Requiem for a Bird! 


  10. Executive compensation vs. the world [2009]


    GOOD’s executive compensation infographic shows the compensation levels of the business world’s top execs, with the number of minimum wage earners each super-suit’s take-home pay would support.

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  11. Requiem For A Bird Benefit Night

    Celebrate like a dying species and help us fund our documentary!

    Feat. Chris Tokunaga (electro/jazz), Boxie Blue (electro) Blackflies (rock), special appearance Felix Knoke, visuals by plastikpferd & CLX, w/ tasty brownies by Elinor Lewy and handselected short films. music starts 9pm,

    18th October, Loophole, Neukölln, starting 7:30pm


  13. Hacker School grants for women, people of color, other people under-represented in tech


    Nicholas writes, “Hacker School is a three-month, free-for-everyone programming retreat for experienced and new programmers alike, now offering need-based living expense grants to women, black people, Latino/as, and people from many other groups traditionally underrepresented in programming.

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  15. 8-year-old gets sexist kids’ books yanked from bookstore [2013]


    Constance Cooper sez, “My 8-year-old daughter spotted some incredibly sexist kids’ books in a bookstore, and got them removed by the management. Warning: looking at the section headings of the books may raise your blood pressure.”

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