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    Erica Schreiner - Satori outtake


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  6. Al Jazeera Exclusive Report: Hundreds of dead bodies found in South Sudan town


    • Massacre of Darfuris uncovered in town of Bentiu
    • Rebel commander denies any involvement in killings
    • UN coordinator decries “inhumanity”

    Doha - 22 April: Al Jazeera has aired evidence of a massacre in the South Sudanese town of Bentiu.

    According to the UN, rebel gunmen killed over 200 people at a mosque in the centre of town after determining their ethnicity.

    Al Jazeera, the only international broadcaster in the area, has obtained exclusive footage of over 100 dead bodies that were seen along the road between the airport and the mosque in Bentiu. According to a UN report, the real savagery happened inside the mosque in Bentiu, where mainly Darfuris from Sudan had taken sanctuary.

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    649. It’s amazing how many friends you can make by being bad at things, provided you are bad enough to be funny. || 'Reaper man'



  9. Life is a glitch.

  10. For a Rock song, I love how crisp & clean this is mastered.

  11. typety type type

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  14. "I like to drink coffee, right before I go to sleep. So I can dream faster."
    — Steven Wright, Coffee & Cigarettes