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    Imagineering Disney:  “You’ll notice in the above diagram that the “ghosts” were on a revolving track lined up with the Doombuggies on the opposite side of what look like normal mirrors. Light reflecting off human guests would reflect off the surface of the mirrors. At the same time light shining on the hitchhikers behind the mirrors would be visible through the mirrors, allowing both ghosts and humans to be seen together. Get it? It’s like walking by a highly reflective office building and seeing yourself in the windows and seeing electric lights inside the building all at the same time.The right lighting conditions were needed to pull off the illusion. If the house lights in the room behind the mirrors were to turn on, the mirrors from the other side would look more or less like clear glass. 


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  2. "Not every white person is a racist, but the genius of racism is that you don’t have to participate to enjoy the spoils. If you’re white, you can be completely oblivious, passively accepting the status quo, and reap the rewards."
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    *US embassy in Berlin, July 19, 2014

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  4. Audio from Snowden/Ellsberg panel at HOPEX


    Yesterday’s HOPEX conference featured a 90 minute dialog between Daniel Ellsberg and Edward Snowden.

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  6. Snowden: Dropbox is an NSA surveillance target, use Spideroak instead


    A remarkable moment from last night’s remarkable Snowden video from the Guardian.

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  7. postersofberlin:

    "Weltfrieden ist nicht nur möglich, sondern unausweichlich. Er ist die nächste Stufe in der Evolution dieses Planeten." ["World peace is not only possible, but inevitable. It is the next stage in the evolution of this planet."] *Abdul Baha – found in Prenzlauer Berg submitted by Martin via Email

    It’s a nice thought, but I’m not sure dear Abdul would stand by his statement after learning about all the genocides that have occurred since 1921, and seeing the current bloodshed in the Middle East…

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    My official video for Lana Del Ray (2012)


  9. "Fear is nonacceptance of what is."
    — J.Krishnamurti (via magnificentruin)

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    If this attic could talk.

  12. Dogsitting this awesome lady!


  13. you’d think i was a real artist or something


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    Female scientific professional - someone who looks good in a white coat. 


  15. This must be one of my favorite pieces in a while.